Welcome from Conference Convenor

It’s my pleasure to invite you to the 2017 Western Australian Surveying and Spatial Sciences Conference to be held at the UWA Club on Friday 13 October 2017.

Surveying & Spatial Sciences – Grow Local, Think Global.
13th October 2017

Kerry Smyth (MSSSI, GISP-AP) SSSIWA Chair & Conference Convenor

Kerry Smyth (MSSSI, GISP-AP) SSSIWA Chair & Conference Convenor

This is the signature event on the surveying and spatial sciences calendar in Western Australia and explores future trends for land surveying, engineering & mining surveying, hydrography, and companion spatial science fields including cartography, spatial information, remote sensing, photogrammetry and the emerging location based technologies.

With a focus innovation, competition, collaboration and viability, the Conference is a showcase for professionals, practitioners, vendors, clients and stakeholders to explore new ideas.

Our 2017 theme ‘Grow Local, Think Global’ recognises the broad contribution of the surveying and spatial industry to the Australian and global economy, environment and society.  The program builds significantly on last year’s theme ‘Driving Future Economies.

The theme “Grow Local, Think Global” at the conceptual level opens to ideas such as:

  • Growing the economy
  • Delivering interconnected and safer communities
  • Knowledge-driven decision making and policy setting
  • Smart innovations and Smart Cities
  • Growth sectors in surveying and spatial technologies
  • Expansion and adoption of spatial technologies

The surveying and spatial community is making a vital contribution to the interconnected global community through best practise methods, international cooperation, cultural exchange, research, and the opening up of new markets through business innovation and start-ups.  We have invited speakers with ideas, work and research that have practical relevance to the “Grow Local, Think Global” theme with suggested topics including but not limited to:

  1. Land surveying global frontiers
  2. Maritime safety, off-shore data sovereignty and resource exploration
  3. Drones, autonomous vehicles and crewless vessels: new sensors – new policies
  4. Global Geodetic Reference Frame, new positioning services and GDA2020
  5. Shared services for BIG data processing and spatial analytics
  6. Digital globe technologies and smart apps growing the economy
  7. Intelligent transport and global commodity movements
  8. 3 and 4D visualisations transforming business
  9. Supply chain innovation, digital collaborations, offshoring and public/private partnerships
  10. Digital humanitarianism and global geospatial volunteer networks
  11. Smart Cities and Smart Tourism

The Conference creates opportunities for participants and sponsors to share experiences, and explore and debate new directions.

Participants gain from the expertise of highly experienced presenters while learning about cutting-edge advances including relevant and interesting case studies; together with business networking opportunities.  Surveyors and Spatial professionals can experience a hands-on look at new equipment and technology; and take the opportunity to connect with other professionals, exhibitors, businesses and government in a relaxed, friendly, sociable environment.

WASSSC 2017 partners with the WA Spatial Excellence Awards dinner to be held also on 13 October 2017.  WASEA showcases the best in our profession and also focusses on the WASSSC theme – Grow Local, Think Global.  WASEA is hosted in collaboration with SSSI industry partner SIBA.

I encourage your Conference registration and look forward to seeing you at UWA on 13 October 2017.

Kerry Smyth (MSSSI, GISP-AP)
SSSIWA Chair & Conference Convenor