Christian Larsen, Co-founder & Director GlassTerra

Using IoT  Platforms to Aggregate Real Time Spatial Data from Sensors to Provide Open 4D Live Terrain Models and Visualisations


Spatial IoT is a transformative technology for mining front line operations. IoT platforms are generally optimised to ingest time series data from sensors, and present the data for use by applications, machine learning or big data analytics.  The IoT platforms are scalable in terms of processing power, number of data streams and data volume.  They however lack the ability to handle geospatial data.  Christian will present ways to enable IoT platforms to ingest and present real time spatial data. He will discuss the journey and the challenges of Spatial IoT and what he see as the implications and potentials within mining operations.


Christian Larsen has over 30 years of experience in the resources industry and over 20 years of experience in successfully extending, growing and commercialising technology offerings within the mining industry.  Christian is currently a co-founder of GlassTerra Pty Ltd (a tech start-up), commercialising an IoT geospatial operations technology.  In addition, Christian is a director of CRCOre, a research institute for exploiting ore body heterogeneity.