Geoffrey Robb, Managing Director, RM Surveys

Hydrographic Surveying in the Inshore Environment with a RC Survey Boat


Bathymetric survey methodology has changed with the advancement of technology, not only in the large offshore format, but also in the smaller inshore arena. The reliance on remote controlled airborne drones has been extended to remote controlling of small waterborne vessels to enable bathymetric surveys to be undertaken in places that traditionally has been very difficult to access or not even possible due to the HR requirements. In fact, the airborne drones and the RC boat can be used in tandem to produce a complete image of the ground surface above and below the water line. Some examples will be exhibited in this presentation.


Geoffrey Robb is managing director of RM Surveys using technology and innovation to stay at the forefront of spatial industry. he is a licensed cadastral surveyor, certified practicing engineering surveyor, and is conversant with all aspects of GNSS, construction, dimensional control, UAV and hydrographic surveying.  Geoffrey is also involved in a mentoring programme for final year spatial science students at Curtin University Western Australia and a past member of the Curtin University Spatial Advisory Board.