Graham Hammond, Director of Physical Geography

Discoverability and Accessibility – Facilitators of Better Decision Making


On your way here today you interacted with a multitude of aspects of daily life – the road, this building, the food and air you consume. All of these were available and managed based on decisions made, whether positive or negative. How positive the results are for the general community is maximised through better decisions. How do you make better decisions? You become better informed. One of the key facilitators to becoming better informed is utilising data to educate and inform.

This presentation focuses on elevation data and how much that simple data (or the lack of it) touched your life yesterday, today and in the future. We will take a look how open data makes your community better off and richer. Being open is just the first step, we need to maximise data discoverability and accessibility, to allow it to influence and inform decisions for a better community.


Graham Hammond leads the Physical Geography Section at Geoscience Australia’s National Location Information Branch. He has a BSc(Resource and Environmental Management, Hons 1st class) from the Australian National University. He has worked across all three levels of government (local, state and commonwealth), with the last 12 years at Geoscience Australia. He has been chair of the ICSM Permanent Committee for Topographic Information for the past five years, the committee which has delivered major national infrastructure such as the ELVIS Elevation.FSDF Collaboration Site.