Jim Wyatt, Strategic Project Officer, Innovation Central, Curtin University

Spatial Awareness and Digital Transformation


Innovation centred on spatial awareness and location is a common theme with many of the projects that Innovation Central Perth has explored over the past two years. Jim will conduct a case study roadshow of a number of these projects, demonstrating the links between digital innovation and location. This will include such projects and drones in confined spaces, GPS tracking of vehicles, livestock and assets as well as understanding how monitoring the heat absorption and dissipation properties of different materials could lead to a new approach to tackling heat lakes in urban areas. Other areas of innovation include the utilisation of cameras to record work competencies, track responses to visual indicators and measure utilisation of public reserves.


Jim Wyatt has worked in and around telecommunications and digital technology for more than 35 years. For the past 20 years, he has been at the forefront of government policy, strategy and activity, including instrumental roles in the formation of the NBN and Regional Mobile Black Spots improvements. His passion is digital improvements for regional Australia and is known as a tireless advocate in this space. Currently on a 2-year sabbatical from his own digital advisory practice, Jim is leading strategic activity at Innovation Central, located on the Curtin University Bentley campus in Perth. This unique partnership between Woodside, Cisco, Data 61 and Curtin University is supporting the adoption of digital transformation across numerous industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Agriculture and the public sector/Government.