Matt Schneider, Founder & CEO Optika Solutions

Mining, Technology and Change


This presentation explores the use of big data, and Artificial Intelligence to deliver decision-making applications.  The mining sector faces many challenges – environmental, economic, political, technological and social. These are the “big ticket” issues. At the other end of the spectrum is the challenge to be both situationally and contextually aware. To be situationally aware implies environmental issues, space, time and location; to be contextually aware implies using the media to gather relevant information that assists with business processes.  When you drill into this, it is all about knowing where things are; how they interact; and how quickly an individual can gather and interpret information and turn this information into relevant decisions. A key theme supporting this is the concept of a spatial driven value stream in conjunction with data interoperability – corroborating with the key activities and decision points in your business operations.


Matt Schneider is Founder and CEO Optika Solutions.  He has worked in a number of different areas from mining, energy to finance. Matt has been recognised internationally as a thought leader in the industrial AI space and how organisation can harness this power to create value. In 2016, Optika Solutions won the Big Data and Innovation of the year award for its ground breaking product Akumen.