Nicholas Addy, UAV Coordinator, Land Surveys

An Overview of UAV Mounted Lidar


A brief summary of the evolution of UAV surveying technologies over the past 5 years from photogrammetry using small format cameras, direct georeferencing, computer vision and LiDAR and how these technologies have changed the approach to delivering aerial survey projects. This is followed by a description the features of the Land Surveys Reigl mini vux sys LiDAR and UAV platform which incorporates all the key technological advancements in aerial surveying over the past 20 years. How each technology has improved on the other culminating in a review of some sample datasets and some applications of this technology.


Nicholas Addy is a CASA Certified UAV operator (Fixed Wing and Multirotor) and Single Engine Pilot currently working as UAV coordinator at Land Surveys.  He graduated at Curtin University with a Masters of Philosophy in GIS, Bachelor of Science (Computer and Mathematical Science), a Graduate Diploma in GIS specialising in Surveying and Geomatics and a Postgraduate Diploma in GIS specialising in Photogrammetry and Navigation.  Nicholas has undertaken various roles in his career including spatial Analyst, Navigator, and the planning, executing and delivery of Aerial surveys, LiDAR and photogrammetry projects at Veris.  Specialist projects include Yandicoogina Billiards South for Rio Tinto as UAV Surveyor; Yarmana Gas Pipeline for APA Group as UAV Supervisor and Chief Pilot; South Galilee Basin as Project Manager Aerial Surveys for DNRM, Queensland; and Landfill Audit Surveys for Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, WA as Project Manager and Chief Pilot Aerial Surveys.