Paul Asphar, Principal Consultant (Strata Reform), Landgate

Strata Reform: Workshopping the Regulations


With the Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 and the Community Titles Bill 2018 being debated in Parliament, the Landgate Strata Titles Act Reform Team has moved its attention to preparation for drafting the regulations that will provide the detail on how the yet-to-be enacted legislation will be implemented.  There is also much consultation to be done with affected Western Australian Government agencies and industry, as well as owners and occupiers on how the changes will be rolled out and what systems will need to be altered to allow for the new requirements.  This workshop is an introduction to the types of matters to be covered by regulations and requirements, being one part of a continuing engagement with SSSI into the future when other workshops and consultation events will be required.


Paul Asphar has been involved in the cadastral subdivision environment in Landgate for over 20 years, mainly as a strata plan examiner. This has involved constant contact with industry professionals, including licensed surveyors, which he has always found beneficial and rewarding. Previous to this, he worked as a draftsman in the Statutory Amendments area of DOLA. Paul was appointed an Assistant Registrar of Titles in 2006 and, until recently, served on the Land Surveying Licencing Board.