Peter Kinne, Regional Director Australasia, Digital Globe

New Constellations, New Capabilities, and 4th Industrial Revolution


Emerging companies are already creating solutions that require petabytes of Geospatial Big Data to implement. Together, we are part of a unique ecosystem working to create solutions in automotive, insurance, and telecommunications industries, to better understand how we mitigate disasters and improve lives, and to leverage artificial intelligence to its full potential in extracting knowledge from spatiotemporal data sources. The Fourth Industrial Revolution represents the integration of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing into our personal and professional lives. We are blurring the line between physical and digital environments. Location Intelligence has emerged as a critical enabler in managing the challenges of data Velocity, Veracity, Volume and Variety of Industry 4.0.

For data creators these developments demand a transition in focus and business strategy to manage the increasingly competitive market around empowering innovation within the location intelligence community while still maintaining our traditional client base.

Innovation empowerment is about providing access to multiple sources of data and the tools to derive information from them. How do analysts manage hundreds of petabytes of data and leverage artificial intelligence to derive knowledge? How do we translate results at massive scale into effective decision making?


Peter Kinne is the Regional Director, Australasia for DigitalGlobe Inc and company director of DigitalGlobe Australia Pty Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Public Administration which led to careers in: CSIRO, Queensland Government, and Industries including asset management, design, and more recently, 18 years in the spatial industries. Peter holds Advisory Committee Member positions on the Queensland Government’s Space Industry Development Group and Brisbane Regional Development Association. Volunteer positions include: Regional Ambassador – DigitalGlobe Foundation, member – Spatial Industry Diversity Panel, Qld Chair – SSSI Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission, and SIBA Qld regional representative. He manages a region which includes Australia, New Zealand and the 18 Pacific island countries of the SPC and has been involved in various projects including: maritime borders, food security, and disaster responses. Within Australia he has been directly involved in national projects including: the initial search for MH 370 and the PSMA Geoscape.