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Plenary Sessions 
Bellevue Ballroom 2


Welcome to Country

Marie Taylor


Welcome from the Forum Convenor

 Dr Lesley Arnold, Chair – SSSI WA


Ministerial Address

Honourable Michelle Roberts MLA, Minister for Police and Road Safety


Keynote Presentation

Jeremy Hurst, Co-Founder and Director SpaceToCo

The Human Side of Location Intelligence


Plenary Presentation 1

Paul Farrell, Managing Director NGIS Australia

The Future of Location Intelligence


Plenary Presentation 2

Peter Kinne, Director Australasia, DigitalGlobe Australia

New Constellations, New Capabilities, and the 4th Industrial Revolution


Exhibition Launch


Morning Tea & Exhibit Opening

Bellevue Ballroom 2

Meeting Room 7

Meeting Room 8


Powering Decision-Making

Session Chair: Linda Skoog, Committee Member SSSIWA

Smart Cities

Session Chair: Dr Petra Helmholz, Chair Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Commission, SSSI

Surveying Today

Session Chair: Aaron Gibson, Chair Land Surveying Commission SSSIWA


Graham Hammond, Director of Physical Geography at Geoscience Australia

ELVIS – A Government Data distribution Centre –  how much did elevation data (or the lack of it) touch your life yesterday, today and in the future. Open data making your community better off and richer through informed decision-making.

Dr Ian MartinusManager Advocacy and Economic Development, City of Wanneroo

RailSmart – A smart cities initiative – How Wanneroo will overcome immediate and medium term pressures along transportation corridors.

Annaliese Walster, Director Location Intelligence, Landgate and Executive Member ICSM

An update on National Surveying Initiatives as coordinated through ICSM including GDA2020 Update

Dione Bilick, Surveyor General WA

An update on Landgate’s system and process improvements that support the surveying and land development industries.




David Newman, Co-Founder and CEO Maptaskr

As existing technologies mature and new technologies emerge, Dave will look at how location intelligence is rapidly moving from being the domain of the GIS team to a topic that is discussed at board level and utilised across the whole enterprise. Democratising Location Intelligence

Jim Wyatt, Cisco and Curtin University Innovation Centre

A roadshow of projects democratising the links between digital innovation and location including drones in confined spaces, vehicle, livestock and asset tracking, heat monitoring and cameras for recording work competencies

Murray Dolling and Paul Asphar, Principal Consultants, Landgate

Strata Reform – Workshopping the regulations. This workshop is an introduction to the types of matters to be covered considered by regulations required to support the Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 and the Community Titles Bill 2018.  See 3D Strata in Action.



Andrew Coote, Director ConsultingWhere, UK

The term digital transformation is being used across Europe to refer to a very wide range of digitally-driven changes. In this presentation we will provide a European perspective on some of the big issues that spatial can help to address.

Dirk Wagemans, Vice President APAC, Hexagon Geospatial

Sensors are measuring the world with unprecedented detail and accuracy – not only from space, air, and street-level, but also indoors. How to bridge the digital divide to achieve Smart Digital Reality.


 Lunch & Exhibit Open

Bellevue Ballroom 2

Meeting Room 7

Meeting Room 8

Emerging Technologies

Session Chair: David Belton, Committee Member SSSIWA

Digital Enablement

Session Chair: Darren Mottolini, LIFE2018 Committee Member

Surveying Tomorrow

Session Chair: Tony Snow, Chair Engineering Mine Surveying Commission, SSSIWA


Chris Dorian, CEO and Founder, BuildSort

The building and construction industry comes with an extreme amount of risk and responsibility. BuildSort is an easier building supply chain solution that leverages blockchain tech.

Glenn Morrison, AAM Group

Virtual Reality Models now form part of our decision making process, from flood prediction through to new development synergies with its surroundings.  This presentation will review current technology being adopted for the collection of spatial data for the creation of wide area and site specific reality models.  The presentation will also look at stakeholder engagement models being used to share the information.

Geoffrey Robb, Managing Director, RM Surveys

Hydrographic Surveying in the Inshore Environment with a RC Survey BoatUsing Autonomous Vessels to Map the Swan River


Siobhan Lancaster, Co-Founder, InstaTruck

In 2015, founders Siobhan Lancaster and David Blomeley, formed Instatruck to provide a holistic yet simple transport matching  and delivery experience for senders, receivers and transport operators alike.

Matt Schneider, CEO Optika Solutions

Using BIG data and Artificial Intelligence for situational and contextual awareness – knowing where things are, how they interact, and being able to gather and interpret data quickly.

Nicholas Addy, UAV Coordinator, Land Surveys

The evolution of UAV surveying technologies over the past 5 years from photogrammetry using small format cameras, direct georeferencing, computer vision and LiDAR and how these technologies have changed the approach to delivering aerial survey projects


Andrew Compson, Bentley Systems

Industry 4.0 and the IoT have driven the need for a Digital Twin. With data connected environments, collaboration between projects and O&M, we can now leverage the Digital Twin across the whole lifecycle of our infrastructure assets.


Christian Larsen, Co-Founder and Director GlassTerra

Actionable insights for mining from geospatial data – Using IoT platforms to aggregate real time spatial data from sensors to provide open 4D live terrain models and visualisation

Matt Power, Director, Insight UAS

Accuracy considerations for UAV data capture and processing


 Afternoon Tea & Exhibit Open


Plenary Presentation 3

Dr Stuart Minchin, Chief of Environmental Geoscience, Geoscience Australia

Digital Earth Australia and Precise Positioning: Location Intelligence for a Digital Economy


Plenary Presentation 4

John Kedar, Director International Engagement, Ordnance Survey United Kingdom

Do National and State Geospatial Agencies have a role in 2020?  John looks at the challenges faced in UK and globally.


Plenary Presentation 5

Tim Trainor, Former Co-Chair UN-GGIM, Former Chief Geospatial Scientist U.S. Census Bureau

The Importance of Geospatial Location Information for the Success of the UN Sustainable Development Goals


Plenary Presentation 6

Howard Thomas, Principal, TAM Consultants

Workforce Transformation and Digital Disruption – Clarity in the Century of Complexity


SSSI Future Outlook

Dr Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed-Ghouse

SSSI Presidents Address

Peter Olah, CEO SSSI

Surveying and Spatial Professionals Enabling Our Location Intelligence Future

Presentation of Certificates for Mentor/Mentee YP Program 2018


Forum Closing

 Lisa Dykes, Chair  SIBA WA


End of Forum Sundowner


Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards 2018 – Western Australia