Jeremy Hurst

Co-Founder and Director of SpacetoCo

Jeremy is one of the three Co-Founders of SpacetoCo, a business that encourages people to search, find and book local Spaces online. Jeremy is a former educator and IT education consultant. In 2015, Jeremy became an Airbnb host at his property in the Perth Hills and also studied U.Lab, (Transforming, Business, Society and Self). It was the combination of all these experiences and a passion for environmental sustainability which led to the idea of SpacetoCo – A new sharing economy business for the short-term rental of Spaces. SpacetoCo joins the dots between useful / available spaces and people in the community needing space. The new business is growing daily with over 600 spaces bookable online. Since appearing on Network Ten’s Shark Tank in July, SpacetoCo has been securing listings from all around Australia.

Siobhan Lancaster

CEO and Founder Instatruck

Siobhan was working as a corporate lawyer when in 2016 a conversation about the impact of the mining downturn on truck services took her career to a different path. Siobhan is now the co-founder of Instatruck, a start-up that uses location information to link people who need goods delivered with trucks and vans operators. Instatruck was awarded WA Innovator of the Year 2016 and Siobhan is a 2017 40under40 winner. At Perth LIFE 2018, Siobhan will share how her idea turned into a growing success.


Paul Farrell

Managing Director, NGIS Australia

Paul is a strategic thinker who has an appetite for seeing how far spatial information can change business and society for the better. He is sought after by both government and commercial entities to explore opportunities for business transformation by making data and technology open, accessible and location enabled. NGIS is a complete provider of mapping and location technology solutions to large enterprises, working with globally recognised technology companies such as Google. Paul is involved in many boards and a past National Chairman of SIBA (Spatial Industry Business Association).  More details…


Chris Dorian

CEO Builsort

Chris Dorian CEO of BuildSort is a Structural Engineer that has worked around the world both in design and on the construction side. He’s got all the scars of the construction sector, and want’s to fix the problems, after starting his first startup BuildingApprovals he won Westpac Business of Tomorrow, WAITTA finalist in Startup of the Year and after a pivot to incorporate Blockchain technology BuildSort won the Best Blockchain Solution award from the Blockchain Centre in Melbourne



Timothy Trainor

Consultant, Former Co-Chair for the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management and Former Chief Geospatial Scientist, US Census Bureau

Tim Trainor is the former Chief Geospatial Scientist for the U.S. Census Bureau. He performs research and developmental activities in the broad area of geospatial science that includes exploring methodological, technical and substantive issues relating to the creation, collection and integration of geospatial information. Tim is recognised nationally and internationally for contributions to the fields of geospatial science, geography and cartography and the integration of statistical and geospatial information.  Tim served as the Co-Chair for the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management and as the Head of U.S Delegation. He is the Senior Agency Official for Geospatial Information for the U.S. Department of Commerce and an executive member of the U.S. Federal Geographic Data Committee. Tim served as Vice President of the International Cartographic Association (2007-2015). He is a member of the American Association of Geographers, Cartography and Geographic Information Society, National States Geographic Information Council, and the Urban Regional Information Systems Association.  More details….

John Kedar

Director International Engagement and Head of International Policy & Engagement at Ordnance Survey

John Kedar is a versatile and pragmatic director, executive, senior manager, leader and geospatial expert – skills developed through a wide range of Defence appointments, including in high-stress environments such as Afghanistan, through major charitable Board vice-chairmanship and latterly within Ordnance Survey. He has led organisations of up to 650 personnel, developed Government strategic direction for geospatial, intelligence and engineer activities, and played a key role in furthering the role of geography in the UK and internationally, regularly chairing and speaking at major international conferences. John’s successful military career is best measured by repeated direction to establish and lead new organisations or projects – particularly in the geospatial community. This has continued in his role with Ordnance Survey International: directing international programmes and opening new markets in South America and Africa, by communicating the value of geospatial information and its role of underpinning government, economic growth and citizen services. More details…

Dr Stuart Minchin

Chief Environmental Geoscience Division

Dr Stuart Minchin is Chief of the Environmental Geoscience Division of Geoscience Australia, which includes the National Earth and Marine Observations, National Geographic Information, and Groundwater Branches.  The Environmental Geoscience Division is the centre of expertise in the Australian Government for environmental earth science issues and the custodian of national environmental geoscience data, information and knowledge. Stuart has an extensive background in the management and modelling of environmental data and the online delivery of data, modelling and reporting tools for improved natural resource management. Stuart also represents Australia in key international forums and is Australia’s Principal Delegate to both the UN Global Geospatial Information Management Group of Experts (UNGGIM) and the Intergovernmental Group on Earth Observations (GEO). He also currently serves on the Editorial Board of the international Journal “Ecological Indicators”.  More details…

Dione Bilick

Surveyor General Western Australia, Landgate

Dione Bilick is Acting General Manager of Operations at Landgate. She has undertaken a variety of senior roles with the agency and has always enjoyed liaising with the survey profession on opportunities for improvement. Dione was appointed Surveyor General last year and has served on the Land Surveying Licencing Board for nearly six years. After obtaining her Bachelor of Surveying, and prior to joining Landgate, Dione worked in the goldfields as a surface and underground mine surveyor.  More details…


Howard Thomas

Principal, TAM Consultants

Howard has advocated practical approaches to operational excellence for over 20 years. He has a unique ability to make the complex simple for his clients and audiences. He combines an in depth technical background with a wide ranging business experience but is probably best known for his engaging style of presentation. He is formally technically accredited as a Fellow of Engineers Australia and a Chartered Professional Chemical Engineer and has worked on hydrocarbon installations all over the world, from roles as a technician to executive consultancy. More details…



Annaliese Walster

Director Location Intelligence, Landgate

Annaliese Walster is the Director Location Intelligence at Landgate.  After obtaining her Honours Degree in Anthropology Annaliese worked variously with consulting firms, the Aboriginal Legal Service, Department of Minerals and Energy and the Goldfields Esperance Development Commission before joining Landgate in 2007. She has undertaken a variety of senior roles with the agency and is known for her lateral thinking.  Over the course of her working life Annaliese has completed a Masters in Business Administration (UWA) and an Executive Masters in Public Administration (Australian New Zealand School of Government, Monash University).  She enjoys the challenge of working in an organisation that has such an important role in underpinning the economics of our State and the related well-being and quality of life of the citizens of Western Australia. More details…

Christian Larsen

Co-Founder and Director GlassTerra

Christian Larsen has over 30 years of experience in the resources industry and over 20 years of experience in successfully extending, growing and commercialising technology offerings within the mining industry. Christian is currently a co-founder of GlassTerra Pty Ltd (a tech start-up), commercialising an IoT geospatial operations technology.  In addition, Christian is a director of CRCOre, a research institute for exploiting ore body heterogeneity.  More details…


Peter Kinne

Regional Director Australasia, Digital Globe Inc

Peter Kinne is the Regional Director, Australasia for DigitalGlobe Inc and company director of DigitalGlobe Australia Pty Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Public Administration which led to careers in: CSIRO, Queensland Government, and Industries including asset management, design, and more recently, 18 years in the spatial industries. Peter holds Advisory Committee Member positions on the Queensland Government’s Space Industry Development Group and Brisbane Regional Development Association. Volunteer positions include: Regional Ambassador – DigitalGlobe Foundation, member – Spatial Industry Diversity Panel, Qld Chair – SSSI Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Commission, and SIBA Qld regional representative. He manages a region which includes Australia, New Zealand and the 18 Pacific island countries of the SPC and has been involved in various projects including: maritime borders, food security, and disaster responses. Within Australia he has been directly involved in national projects including: the initial search for MH 370 and the PSMA Geoscape. More details…

Dr Ian Martinus

Manager Advocacy & Economic Development – City of Wanneroo

Dr Martinus is an economic development and ICT management specialist with experience delivering projects involving urban development, international trade and investment, eGovernance (information capture & aggregation), financial management, export development, and higher education and technology innovation.  A strong focus of his work is in ICT systems integration as Sector Lead for new IT operating systems and data migration (data center) efforts. His experience spans the globe.  Dr Martinus has managed trade and investment implementations in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, South Africa, former Soviet countries, Indonesia and within the public and private sectors in the United States, Japan and Australia. He also has extensive working with Japanese companies including Tokyu Corporation (JV) and Sekisui House.  More details…

Andrew Coote

Director ConsultingWhere, United Kingdom

Andrew has over thirty years experience in the development and use of information systems, specialising in the management of location-enabled applications. He has held senior management positions in both the public and private sector working in various countries. Since founding the independent IT consultancy ConsultingWhere in 2008, he has undertaken strategic and business consultancy assignments for both commercial and public sector customers in Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Australia and New Zealand. In 2016, Andrew led the development for Socitm of a series of location intelligence videos illustrating the potential of combining big location and other data in predictive analysis. More details…


Graham Hammond

Director of Physical Geography – Geoscience Australia

Graham Hammond leads the Physical Geography Section at Geoscience Australia’s National Location Information Branch. He has a BSc(Resource and Environmental Management, Hons 1st class) from the Australian National University. He has worked across all three levels of government (local, state and commonwealth), with the last 12 years at Geoscience Australia. He has been chair of the ICSM Permanent Committee for Topographic Information for the past five years, the committee which has delivered major national infrastructure such as the ELVIS Elevation.FSDF Collaboration Site.  More details…

Lisa Dykes

Chair Spatial Industry Business Association, WA & State Manager WA, ESRI Australia

With 20 years’ experience in the geospatial industry – three of those as Esri Australia’s State Manager for WA – Lisa is a passionate advocate for the power of GIS technology to transform enterprise and government. Her background encompasses GIS and remote sensing, including the supply of aerial photography, LiDAR and satellite imagery datasets. After graduating with a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree specialising in Environmental Development – and an honours degree in Microbial Genetics – from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, Lisa was awarded the Queensland Young Spatial Professional of the Year in 2008/2009. A key thread to her career is the ability to build productive relationships for both the private and public sectors, which she has consistently done whilst working across Africa, South-East Asia and Australia. Lisa has been on the committees for the SSSI in Queensland and is currently the chair of the WA Regional Committee for SIBA. She also sits on the Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance Inc. (WAITTA) committee.  More details…

Dave Newman

Co-founder and CEO Maptaskr

Dave is a tech entrepreneur who’s business Maptaskr specialises in democratising Location Intelligence through the use of AI, big data and data science. He is able to abstract hidden insight from enterprise data including insights from within satellite and aerial imagery to produce ‘Alternative data’.  Dave comes from a technology background where he won UK Systems Professional of the Year at the UK IT Industry awards and plays an active role in the WA Startup scene where he is the organiser of WA’s largest (and recognised nationally as Australia’s 4th most influential) tech startup community – Morning Startup. He also founded ‘Not for Profit’ Ministry of Data last year, where its mission is to take on problems from within Government and have them solved by the innovative community using data with a view that the solutions could potentially become businesses. More details…

Dirk Wagemans

Vice President, Asia Pacific – Hexagon Geospatial 

A senior executive with over 10 years of experience of international experience in International sales management and business development in the high-tech geo-spatial software industry. 
With deep understanding in market opportunities in APAC and aligning goals with customer needs and revenue growth targets. In his present role as Vice President- Asia Pacific for Hexagon Geospatial, Dirk is responsible for capitalizing on new and existing business opportunities in a direct sales environment to deliver effective solutions to complex problems. He holds degrees in History, International Politics, Geography and Business.
He likes to spend time with his family and enjoys swimming a lot.  More details…

Murray Dolling

Principal Consultant (Surveying) – Landgate

Murray has been a Licensed Surveyor in Western Australia since 1982.  After spending the early part of his career in the private sector, he joined DOLA (now Landgate) in 1995. Murray’s professional interests lie in integrating modern technologies to improve the accuracy and stability of the physical cadastral infrastructure and the modelling of that infrastructure and associated data in a modernised digital cadastre.  More details….


Matt Schneider

Founder and CEO, Optika Solutions

Matt Schneider is Founder and CEO Optika Solutions.  He has worked in a number of different areas from mining, energy to finance. Matt is recognised internationally as a thought leader in the industrial AI space and how organisation can harness this power to create value. In 2016, Optika Solutions won the Big Data and Innovation of the year award for its ground breaking product Akumen. More details…


Geoffrey Robb

Managing Director, RM Surveys

Geoffrey Robb is managing director of RM Surveys using technology and innovation to stay at the forefront of spatial industry.

He is a licensed cadastral surveyor, certified practicing engineering surveyor, and is conversant with all aspects of GNSS, construction, dimensional control, UAV and hydrographic surveying.

Geoffrey is also involved in a mentoring programme for final year spatial science students at Curtin University Western Australia and a past member of the Curtin University Spatial Advisory Board. More details…



Glenn Morrison

Account Manager, Surveying Manager WA, NT, SA, AAM Pty Ltd

Glenn Morrison has over 20 years’ industry experience in the spatial sciences.  Glenn is a Licensed Surveyor and is the Surveying Manager for WA, SA and NT for AAM Pty Ltd.  As Key Account Manager for AAM’s major resource and industrial clients he is responsible for delivering remote sensed and ground based spatial solutions to meet a variety of needs.  Glenn background is diverse from Geodetic Control Networks, Inshore Multi-beam Hydrographic Surveys, Laser Scanning and Imaging for Industrial Plant Expansion and Digital Preservation, through to the use of UAV systems for corrosion monitoring and aerial survey mapping solutions for infrastructure development. More details….

Matt Power

Director, Insight UAS

  • Matt has been working intimately with UAV technology since its commercial introduction into the surveying and mapping industry. Insight UAS works with clients in the mining and construction industries to assist with the successful implementation of UAV technology into their operations. Matt has a passion for providing informative and applicable workflows which assist other professionals with this powerful and rapidly changing technology. More details…


Jim Wyatt

Strategic Project Officer, Innovation Central, Curtin University

Jim Wyatt has worked in and around telecommunications and digital technology for more than 35 years. For the past 20 years, he has been at the forefront of government policy, strategy and activity, including instrumental roles in the formation of the NBN and Regional Mobile Black Spots improvements. His passion is digital improvements for regional Australia and is known as a tireless advocate in this space. Currently on a 2-year sabbatical from his own digital advisory practice, Jim is leading strategic activity at Innovation Central, located on the Curtin University Bentley campus in Perth. This unique partnership between Woodside, Cisco, Data 61 and Curtin University is supporting the adoption of digital transformation across numerous industry sectors including Oil & Gas, Agriculture and the public sector/Government. More details….

Nicholas Addy

UAV Coordinator

Nicholas Addy is a CASA Certified UAV operator (Fixed Wing and Multirotor) and Single Engine Pilot currently working as UAV coordinator at Land Surveys.  He graduated at Curtin University with a Masters of Philosophy in GIS, Bachelor of Science (Computer and Mathematical Science), a Graduate Diploma in GIS specialising in Surveying and Geomatics and a Postgraduate Diploma in GIS specialising in Photogrammetry and Navigation.  Nicholas has undertaken various roles in his career including spatial Analyst, Navigator, and the planning, executing and delivery of Aerial surveys, LiDAR and photogrammetry projects at Veris.  Specialist projects include Yandicoogina Billiards South for Rio Tinto as UAV Surveyor; Yarmana Gas Pipeline for APA Group as UAV Supervisor and Chief Pilot; South Galilee Basin as Project Manager Aerial Surveys for DNRM, Queensland; and Landfill Audit Surveys for Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, WA as Project Manager and Chief Pilot Aerial Surveys.  More details….

Paul Asphar

Principal Consultant (Strata Title Reform) – Landgate

Paul Asphar has been involved in the cadastral subdivision environment in Landgate for over 20 years, mainly as a strata plan examiner. This has involved constant contact with industry professionals, including licensed surveyors, which he has always found beneficial and rewarding. Previous to this, he worked as a draftsman in the Statutory Amendments area of DOLA. Paul was appointed an Assistant Registrar of Titles in 2006 and, until recently, served on the Land Surveying Licencing Board. More details…..


Andrew Compson

Bentley Systems

Andrew Compson is currently working within the Account Advancement team for Bentley Systems in ANZ, responsible for creating value with Infrastructure Owners and their contractor/supply chain in Australia and New Zealand throughout the lifecycle of their infrastructure assets.  Following five years in the British Army – Military Survey, in the 1980s, Andrew spent the next 15 years in the Middle East working for BAE Systems on a major defence project between the British Government and the Saudi Arabian Government.  In 2006 he migrated to Australia where he worked in business roles for geospatial software vendors with a focus on Open standards and data interoperability to promote the exchange and mobility of geospatial information.  Andrew joined Bentley Systems in 2009 and focused on the Oil & Gas industry covering Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia and has been involved in the implementation of Bentley’s solutions into several key major oil and gas infrastructure owners within the region, where engineering data is used as information beyond the design and construction phases. More details….


Dr Lesley Arnold

Chair Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, WA & Director Geospatial Frameworks

Lesley is recognised internationally for her work in developing National strategies for spatial information reform and innovation within Australia and across Asia.   Some of her works include “Cadastre 2034’ for Australia, the “NSDI Strategy” for Sri Lanka; the Cadastral and Positioning Infrastructure: Moving to a New Future” for the Queensland Government; and ‘Elevation and Depth 2030’ for Australia.  Lesley is Director and owner of consulting firm Geospatial Frameworks and consults for the United Nations – Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) and World Bank Group.   She is a member of the UN-GGIM Legal and Policy Working Group.  Lesley is visiting Adjunct at Curtin University pursuing next generation spatial data supply chains and supervises PhD students. Previously, Lesley was Director at Landgate responsible for Western Australia’s geographic, aerial photography and satellite remote sensing programs, and an Executive Member on the Intergovernmental Governmental Committee for Surveying and Mapping, Australia. 

Peter Olah

CEO, Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute

Peter Olah has strong background in the leadership of member associations, public policy, and advocacy.  Prior to joining SSSI as CEO, Peter spent four years as the executive director of the Council of Mayors (Southeast Queensland), He has extensive leadership experience in the not-for-profit sector and has held the positions of chief executive of Scouts Australia (NSW), Executive Director of the Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA), National affairs manager of the Hotel, Motel and Accommodation Association (HMAA), and served on the private staff of the NSW Premier and as Policy Advisor to Ministers for Justice and Police.  Peter has also fulfilled a number of change management functions for the State Transit, the NSW Government’s bus and ferry business and has served as an alderman and councillor of Hurstville City Council in Sydney’s south, including three years as mayor of Hurstville and three years as deputy mayor.